Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Walk To Remember

I hard to find TRUE LOVE..
Loving you is hard enough
It really is oh so very tough
Going through things you never thought I could
Just things I definitely knew I would
If loving you is what you want
Then loving you is what you got
I never will stop loving you
Until the day you stop loving me too

The only way you will know how I fell
Is the day you tell me yes hunny I will
I wanna get married and have a life
It is just you who can't handle having a wife.

You asked me a year ago to marry you
Then called it off for who?
The other girl perhaps
Its over now after a few laughs

I can't handle it anymore confused and in denial
Without a doubt or a smile
I know you love me but you also love her
I can't think of much because it's all a big blurr

So please take my apologies, because I have to say
Your not going to get me for a climb in the hay.
Loving in honor and death till we part
I will always love you deep in my heart.

If I want to say it is hard to love you. Can I use such sentence? "Why does loving you feel so hard?"..Loving you feeling so hard may have a totally different connotation that you mean to give..Can I have a go, too? Why is loving you such a sweet agony?
But maybe it's not sweet agony. Maybe it's just agony! There was that John Mellenkamp song with the lyric, "Sometimes love don't feel like it should, but it hurts so good."
It's unbelievable and downright unfair how authority always manages to win, isn't it? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Going back to original question, what about simply writing: "Why is loving you so hard?"

When you love somebody, they become a part of you.
That’s why it hurts so much to let them go.
When you love someone that doesn’t love you back
it’s hard to find a way to keep yourself on track.
It leaves your heart broken and hurts so much
thats when u have to mend a broken heart.

You'll bring back my heart, but everyone knows that once something is broken and carelessly fixed for the wrong reasons, it's even more fragile and it's never the same. sometimes .. the only thing u find urself wishing for is for someone to be wishing for you..If there comes a day where everyone turns their backs to me, it wouldnt matter because i know you'll be there for me. It's people like you that makes me stand on my feet when i'm at my lowest...loving you was easy, losing you was hard. loving you is still easy, but knowing you are no longer mine, is the hardest of it all.


you may hurt me, wound me and make me cry


you leave me alone and i feel i could die


misery and torment follow me wherever i go


friends are all gone a long time ago


i have nothing i own and nothing to give


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