well…today 13/12/2008 on 3.30pm i’m officially graduated from one of the most top college in malaysia. alhamdullillah everythings smooth from the beg till the end during the ceremony…and whats more i met wakil menteri sukan and he’s the one who delivers my scroll..hehehe..and he says “CONGRATULATIONS, DIPLOMA OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT”.

however, this moment really reminds me the difficulties and the hardship that i’ve gone thru during my semesters. what i have today is because of the past, the past not just test and teach me in my studies, my moods, my mental and physical, emotional, but also relationship/friendship and environment of living with “human beings”…

most, the valuable experience is that, as a student, its not just for searching knowledge, along that it teaches me the true meaning of friendship. laughter frens easy to get, but cry fren is hard to get one. however, i manage to found 2 before i graduated. thanks to God to give me the opportunity to have a great friend in my life. and for the people who i’m not able to be fren with anymore, thank you for the memories, and thats all for now because life has to go on and never ever turn back, and i never regret for what had happened, and i have accepted it with all of my heart.

i think thats all i can say now. i pray that my ilmu/knowledge will get barakah and make me a better person from time to time, and i do really hope to have the opportunity to pursue my studies. my journey as a student wont stops here as, and that is a promise, because seeking knowledge is my passion.

“carilah ilmu walau di ceruk rantau mana pun, kerana ilmu tidak pernah habis walau badan telah dikandung tanah”.