it’s hard for two people to love each other
when they live in two different worlds
but when these two world collide and become one
that’s what you call…MAGIC!

if you’re AFRAID to love a person because of friendship
you have 2 choices
either tells what you feel and let the love take place of forever
or hide the feeling under a friendship

sometimes I’ve asked myself
what would make me HAPPY?
to think that I have everything else
i get what I want
too bad coz’ it’s YOU I can’t have.

love can never be so beautiful without
FRIENDSHIP….one leads to another and the
process is IRREVERSIBLE.

the BEST of lovers is the GREATEST of friends!!!
love DOESN’T have to have a HAPPY ending
‘Coz love doesn’t have to end at all.

When you love someone
DON’T expect that person to love you back the same amount
One of you will be ahead, the other behind
It’s either you catch up or the other waits.

Never be AFRAID to fall in love
It may HURT a lot, it may give you aches and pains
but if you DON’T follow your heart
in the end you will cry even more for not giving love a chance.

We’re trying to catch the attention of the one we think we love We hardly NOTICE them till they are in the arms of someone else.

Love is like standing on wet cement,
the LONGER you stay,
the HARDER it is to leave
and you can never go without leaving your prints behind….

True love hears what is not spoken,
and understands what is not explained,
for love doesn’t work in the mouth, nor the mind,
but in the heart.

When you love, you must NOT accept anything in return,
for if you do, you’re not loving but INVESTING.

If you love, you must PREPARE to accept pain.
For if you expect HAPPINESS, you are not loving but USING…..

I like you because you’re my friend and
because you are my friend and I care, and
because I CARE, I LOVE you, I don’t love you
because you are my FRIEND…. I Love you
because I do!!!!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: it’s better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than lose someone you love with your useless pride.

I can’t choose who I’m gonna love,
but I also can’t just love who chooses to love me
and you can’t blame me in choosing to love you
as much as I can’t BLAME you for not learning to love me.

How can I say GOODBYE to someone I never had?
Why do TEARS fall for someone who was never mine?
Why is that I MISS someone i was never with?
And I ask why I love someone who’s LOVE was never MINE?

Don’t love a person like FLOWER, cause a flower dies in SEASON. Love them like a RIVER cause river flows FOREVER.

Love may leave your heart like SHATTERED GLASS,
but keep in mind that there’s someone who’ll be WILLING to endure the pain of picking up pieces so you could be WHOLE again.