Friday, June 18, 2010

long lasting life..

finally.. i were get false (maybe)..
xtau la nk mule kn camne lg..totally worst!! totally useless!! DAMN..DAMN & DAMN!!
feel like a shit!! sedih la..i have no body around me..but i was around them if something happen on them..what's wrong?? getting down on the stair..just like a stone!! im not worried if i know this happen on me..i have prepared my self to fight it.. i have to ignored anythings n every moments..byk sgt masalah yg melibatkan can i to be tough? where is my spirit?
I DONT KNOW!! MY FATE is really bad..from my relation to everything about me.. im SICK if i think about SICK when i feel like this..because of EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!
I HATE MY SELF! I HATE SO MUCH..why i still believe the miracle?? its NEVER COME.. its to far away from destiny come fate come bad.. every things is going to be USELESS..from now, i have to change my self!! believe that the dream are not come true..

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