Friday, January 22, 2010

What I Want For My Birthday

Date of 09th of January 2010 and it’s my Birthday.

To be exact it’s my 27th Birthday. Getting old already..

I always remember when i was young, my parents will celebrate for me my birthday every year. As usual all my best buddies in class will attend the small simple birthday party conducted by my parents. When I was young I always look forward to birthday parties because can get many presents.

I guess as age goes by, we take our birthday as just another day. Of course is an important day to remember because that’s the day I saw daylight on earth 27 years ago. Time really flies and with a blink of an eye i am already 27.

Can’t believe at the age of 27 i am still don't know why i'm standing here.. Really couldn’t believe it... Many of my friends also don’t ignored if i tell them that. This is something until today i can’t understand and i wouldn’t know when only i can understand.

I guess relationship with a boy is even harder then doing a jumping smash!! Hmmmz.. I guess the main reason for my relation to get into any relationship is maybe because i am too straight forward and honest.

I guess man now a days don’t like girl who are straight forward, naive and honest!

I guess that is what happened to my latest project in chasing a man… Something until today i couldn’t understand. I am not boring by the way!

Anyway one thing is for sure, i would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents for bringing me up, my sister who always stand by me when i need her, my buddies (You know who you are), friends and relatives. Without all of you, life wouldn’t be so interesting and so colorful. Not to forget all the fans of farmvillefreak, without you, this site wouldn’t be what it is today! :) muahahahha!!!

My friend keep asking me what I want for my birthday. I'm beginning to get frustrated with the question. What do I want, you ask? Well, that's easy. I want to be married with my lover..I'd like to be able to run up four flights of stairs without ambition, my BF never spot another "gurl" ( must be joking!), give attention more often especially in study and future, read more books, get laid more frequently, actually convince our relation grow in the good environs, and live where I could keep a touch with my friends, so don't sweat it. I mean it.

Haven’t thought of what i am going to wish for my birthday as like they say, you have one wish every time your birthday comes. So i will think properly first before making it.

Anyway on my birthday, i hope all farmville lovers can do me a small favor. Get as many people possible to visit this site as the record visitors per day on farmville is stage 50++ Way low for a game with huge fan base all over the world. Farmville has a 21k++ fans on facebook and I hope every fans on Facebook can joined so that we can break the 10k visitors barrier? ^^

Sorry for being a little emotional but nonetheless, i am already 27 and i am not sure what is installed for me tomorrow on my birthday and i hope everybody out there will be happy and marry always… Happy smashing my brothers and sisters.. Our motto for farmville should be something like this >> (We live and breathe farmville)

What say you?

Happy 27th Birthday ZAIDA…

what i want for my birthday?

this handbag..

and also this watch

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