Thursday, November 19, 2009

My 3rd Anniversery...

Just realized it's my anniversary...Haven't a clue why and to this day it still remains a mystery to me ...Well obviously I'm loving it because I've been on just about every day for a whole year and the peoples on here play a large part of that. Love you!! First, let me tell you how lovely your anniversary website has been. People really do enjoy the idea. I did not expect so much response and I really am excited about everyone's messages and kindness.

Anniversaries are special for me & u no matter what you are and they only come once a year. This means, when you celebrate it, you need to celebrate it very well so that it is a memory to keep and last forever. Couples send each other anniversary wishes and make sure the other one knows that they will keep their love and promises to each other alive forever.

If you are looking for something to send as anniversary wishes to a couple,

You are able to express your feelings to her that you admire their relationship and hope that they have a happy life together that lasts eternally.

There are many different anniversary gifts for you to look at when wanting to send anniversary wishes to a happy couple. If you are looking to send anniversary wishes to your significant other then you could send a sweet note to them at work informing them of a big surprise that night. You can release your promises and love once again and let them know that you will always be there for them no matter what and that your love will last for eternity.

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